The Thief Story

I actually planned to open this blog solely with the purpose of putting down all the sophisticated and philosophical thoughts I had about resolving the complexities of nature and human life, so that my wisdom can show light to the poor human race, but somehow as soon as I opened the blog I forgot everything I thought of writing and the only thing I remember now is the thief story.

The thief story is just a story about a thief who once paid a brief visit to my house in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

My family lives on the 3rd floor of an apartment building in Dhaka. My sister (19 at that time) and my brother (15 at that time) have their own bedrooms but they both share the same bathroom next to my sister’s room. It was a very dark night and everyone at the house was deep asleep. Suddenly someone’s presence in the house woke her up. At first, in her sleep, she thought my brother was going to the bathroom. But then she noticed that my brother had a torch light in his hand…What the hell is he doing with a torch light???

My mom sometimes hides my brother’s novels and other story books so that he spends more time studying his school stuff than reading those, and at that very moment my sister thought that my brother was secretly searching for the books my mom hid. So she kept pretending to be asleep to see what he does. Because of the the intense darkness she hadn’t been able to see him so far, but now suddenly she noticed that my brother was naked!

I think I should give some background here. The most common thief tradition in Bangladesh is that, thieves tend to go to their jobs naked, putting a lot of oil all over their bodies, so that if someone catches them they can easily slip through his hands and escape. Given the level of crime they perform, they probably think that it is safer for them to just use tricks to escape than carrying a lethal weapon and ending up injuring or killing someone.

So it was actually a thief, who my sister was still mistaking as my brother. Either, he was the same age as my brother with similar height weight etc, or my sister at the middle of the night in her sleep just couldn’t think of any other options than that being my brother. Seeing him naked walking around with a torch light freaked her out. She thought my brother went crazy, and thus, out of fear and confusion, she kept quiet.

The thief left her room and went to the living room. Now my sister, not being able to resist her curiosity, followed him. Right when she was at the living room door the thief noticed her from the other side of the room and turned around focusing the torch light on her face. Now for the first time my sister shouted out, “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU???” She thought of turning on the lights of the room, but the fact that my brother was naked stopped her from doing that. Still holding the light on her face, the thief suddenly started bending his knees and slowly sat down on the floor. Then suddenly using both his hands and feet the thief started crawling like a spider towards my sister! (probably because my sister was standing at the doorway which he needed to use to escape). Now my sister got so terrified that she ran straight to my mom’s room, woke her up and told her how crazily my brother was acting. They both came to the living room and found nobody there. They went to my brother’s room, found him asleep and thinking that he was pretending, woke him up and started interrogating him. My poor brother just blankly stared at them like a fool. The idea of that person being a thief was probably in a corner of their minds, but they were just too unsure to seriously consider it given the fact that there was no trace of a thief entering the apartment with all the doors properly closed from inside.

In the morning, everyone started looking for any sort of traces of a thief entering the house, in order to decide whether my brother (or sister) should be taken to a psychiatrist. To save his reputation my brother, desperately trying to find a clue, at last found one part of the balcony railings being cut off. He was probably the happiest person in the world to know that he wasn’t sleep walking naked with a torch light, and my sister was probably the most terrified one to know that she had been watching and following a naked thief for almost 10 long minutes and ended up shouting at him which made him crawl towards her like a human spider.

Climbing up a 3rd floor balcony, and cutting an iron railing in a silent night is not an easy job to do; and in my opinion the idea of slowly sitting down to suddenly crawl toward a person to scare and surprise her is simply brilliant. That naked thief surely had some skills and talent to be proud of.

I just wish he used those qualities in doing something better.


2 Responses to “The Thief Story”

  1. 1 Halla
    September 20, 2009 at 3:25 am

    Good read!
    Dear Lord…naked thieves!
    wow…most amazingly disturbing idea! ha haaaa

  2. 2 Sporsho
    August 11, 2010 at 11:31 am

    Nice story to start a blog !

    Best of luck.

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