The Outsider (Bubble Series: #1)

633938525493137871-this-soap-bubble-world-childhood-memories-ivThere comes a time in the life of the people who have lived in several completely different worlds with different rules and values when they start looking at everything as if they are outside of all of it, as if they’re watching many different movies playing in front of them at the same time. In one movie cities are burning, people are devastated, traumatized, in another movie a professor is writing an equation on the board with the students paying such knife-sharp attention as if that equation is all that there is in the world, and maybe in a third movie there are music and dances, love and bitching about one another, cooking and shopping, laughter and crying over matters that would be forgotten in minutes. These *outsiders* know that people have limitations; they have either chosen or have been placed there to be part of one movie or another, and so the outsiders don’t generally judge any of the movies or the people in the movies to be intrinsically *good* or *bad*; in fact the concepts of good and bad outside of the movies are not as clear and strongly defined as they are in the movies; these concepts are pretty blurry outside. The interesting thing is, once a person has become an outsider it’s impossible for him to ever return to completely being part of any one of the worlds/movies spontaneously without being conscious of it. The outsider consciously knows what movie he has to be a part of for what limited period of time, and when he has to move out of the movie, enter a different movie, or go back to his complete outsider mode. Once inside a movie, the outsider does choose to define certain things to be good and certain other things to be bad, just like choosing certain rules and strategies to play a game, consistent with the goal he wishes to achieve. The goal of this outsider, even when inside a movie, is generally never the same as the goals of the ones unconsciously playing their parts in the movies; the goal of the outsider is always linked to the outside world he belongs to, outside of all of these, and thus his definition of success and failure is generally never the same as the definition of those who unconsciously play their parts.


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